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When you support WWF-Canada, you ensure that our mission is carried out. Learn more about our full plan to Regenerate Canada, or explore a selection of key areas below:


Every day, WWF-Canada works to safeguard a growing number of at-risk species, to reverse biodiversity loss. And we couldn’t do it without your support. Together, we are committed to a different approach to conservation: One that effectively addresses multiple threats to biodiversity by applying the best science available and respecting Indigenous knowledge.


Habitat loss, a major driver of both wildlife loss and climate change, is one of the greatest threats to life on Earth. Inadequate protections leave habitats vulnerable to fragmentation and loss due to multiple long-term threats. These threats include climate change, over extraction and diversion of water from lakes and rivers, and conversions of natural habitats ranging from clearing forests and draining wetlands to building reservoirs and mines. Supporters like you help us combat these threats to reduce wildlife loss and carbon emissions.


Climate change is accelerating sea-ice loss and worsening wildfires, floods, drought, avalanches, heatwaves and sea-level rise. It’s changing the flow of rivers, eliminating streams altogether and increasing ocean acidification, which threatens marine life. Climate change is also contributing to the degradation of natural habitats, which is being felt by wildlife and people in Canada and around the world. Your support is helping us address the global climate crisis.


Your support contributes to the high-tech future of conservation. Our planet’s future requires new and innovative solutions to tackle the dual crises of climate change and irreversible biodiversity loss. WWF-Canada is using leading-edge science and engineering breakthroughs to help protect wildlife and nature.

After the fire: How technology can drive successful restoration

With wildfires breaking out across Canada, it’s time to re-evaluate how we deal with the restoration of forest ecosystems. Hear WWF-Canada’s CEO Megan Leslie talk at @CollisionHQ about how technology and Indigenous-led conservation can help build resilience in the face of climate change.

What is blue carbon?

Have you ever heard the term “blue carbon” and wondered what it meant? Learn why safeguarding blue carbon habitats is crucial in the fight against climate change.

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