How will you be remembered?

The vital work of WWF-Canada has evolved from protecting individual species and habitats to safeguarding life itself. In today’s world, the choices we make will decide the future for us and for all of nature. By leaving a gift in your Will, you take a leading and lasting role to protect that future for generations to come.

Easy ways you can make a lasting impact

Protect the future of nature

You’re inspired by the beauty of our natural world, and you recognize that nature not only enriches our lives but is the very source of life. That’s why you support WWF-Canada to fight for endangered species and habitats, preserving them, lifting them up, and safeguarding their future. Learn More

Why we need your help

Nature captivates us, enriches us, and sustains us. Yet climate change, pollution, and habitat loss are causing a rapid decline in wildlife populations. At WWF-Canada, we need you and you are the hero that wildlife needs!
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Meet people like you

Here are some people, just like you, who are driven to ensure a bright future for wildlife. You can see what conservation means to them, why they made a legacy gift, and how it connects them with hundreds of thousands of Canadians who love nature.
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