Why Give
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Why Give

You can take action to protect the future of nature

Pollution, habitat loss and climate change threaten the natural world on which all life depends. That’s why our work has expanded beyond protecting individual species and habitats to safeguarding life itself. And that’s why your support is vital.

By including a gift in your Will or Estate plan, you can extend your love and concern for nature beyond your lifetime. Your gift will drive powerful conservation initiatives that are:

  • Science-based: Good science is the basis for sound conservation practice and policy.
  • Solutions-oriented: Tough conservation problems require thoughtful and pragmatic approaches as well as new ideas that challenge current thinking.
  • Collaborative: Working with governments, businesses, nonprofits, communities and academic institutions magnifies the impact of solving conservation challenges.
  • Local and global: Our conservation projects draw on the knowledge of experienced local champions and our international network of experts.
  • Focused on results: All conservation initiatives are workable, robust, and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Because of concerned supporters like you, cod fisheries are returning to the east coast, oil tankers and pipelines have been halted on the Pacific north coast, drilling in the deep offshore Arctic ocean has stopped, and much more. You help create conservation victories from coast to coast to coast, and every win means new hope for nature.

By leaving a gift in your Will or Estate plan, your concern and your love for nature will go on. That means your legacy for future generations is a world worth living in.

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