Our Shared Vision
© Tim Irvin / WWF-Canada

Our Shared Vision

Saving wildlife can be your legacy

A giant panda curls into a ball and throws herself onto her back to roll in the snow, her feet swimming in the air with the playfulness you’d expect of a cub.

A polar bear strides across the ice with powerful muscles rippling and slips into the arctic water with a gentle plop that belies his massive frame.

The wonder of nature inspires us all, and together we must work to ensure that this wonder remains for generations to come. We fight for endangered species. We fight for their habitats — the forests, the rivers, the prairies. We fight for nature because it is the very source of life.

With you standing beside us, WWF-Canada is committed to:

  • Protecting all freshwater ecosystems and the wildlife that depend on them.
  • Ensuring a vibrant and ecologically sound future for the Arctic.
  • Establishing healthy marine ecosystems on all three coasts.
  • Building resilient communities co-existing with healthy ecosystems nationwide.
  • Educating children to deepen their love of nature and to inspire them to learn more.

We’re committed to protecting endangered species, protecting their diminishing spaces, and building a future where nature and people thrive. Please join us. This legacy can be yours with a gift in your Will or Estate plan to wildlife through WWF-Canada.

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